The U. P. Architects Association(UPAA) was formed on 20th December 1987 at Meerut under the nominated president Ar. Y. Chandra for taking further actions and making constitution of UPAA. The next General Body Meeting(GBM) was held at Hotel Taj, Saharanpur on 29th June 1988, where Ar. Y. Chandra was elected as President alongwith Ar. S P Bansal as General Secretary.The monogram of UPAA was designed by Ar. (Mrs.) Sushma Garg of Ghaziabad.

Architect Raksha Kosh was formed on the proposal of Ar. D C Gupta of Moradabad.

UPAA was formed with certain aims & objectives. The constitution of UPAA runs as follows:

NAME OF SOCIETY: U.P. Architects Association REGISTERED OFFICE : 145/L, Begum Bridge Road above Loyal book Depot Meerut

OBJECT OF THE SOCIETY: The Society shall have the following objects:

  1. To integrate the Architects of entire Uttar Pradesh.
  2. To stream line the working of the architects at all the places.
  3. To arrange such meetings in which architects can exchange their views by healthy discussions for the upliftment of the profession.
  4. To assist the Architects to keep their knowledge full fledged regarding bye-laws, new building materials, new techniques of construction & legal rights of the architects etc. by sending them information’s.
  5. To make a code of conduct of the architecture profession.
  6. To educate the public with the profession of Architecture.
  7. To fight for legal rights of Architects even in court of law if necessary.
  8. It shall remain non profit organization & shall work only for the upliftment of ARCHITECTURE PROFESSION.
  9. To take all such actions for the benefit of the members which may be directed by the General House or by the elected Executive Council of the Society.
  10. Liaison with the other professional bodies.


FUNDS: Funds may be raised by the following sources for the expenses of the Society.

  1. Membership fee from the members.
  2. Subscription from the members.
  3. Collections raised by means of books, periodicals, souvenir, etc.
  4. Grants from the Govt. of other Agencies.
  5. Donations made by the business organizations & Individuals.

This website of UPAA was inaugurated by Ho’ble Justice Krishna Murari, Justice, Allahabad High Court on 29th January 2006 in Executive Body Meeting.

List of Past Presidents & General Secretaries of UPAA

Sl. No.PresidentGeneral SecretaryYear
1Ar. Y. Chandra , MeerutAr. S P Bansal , Meerut1987-1989
2Ar. Late H K Agarwal , GhaziabadAr. Vineet Garg, Ghaziabad1989-1991
3Ar. A K Pachauri, LucknowAr. Ajay Behal, Lucknow1991-1993
4Ar. A K Agarwal, KanpurAr. Ajay Seth, Kanpur1993-1995
5Ar. Bharat Bhushan, NoidaAr. Vineet Garg, Ghaziabad1995-1997
6Ar. Vineet Garg, GhaziabadAr. A K Gupta, Ghaziabad1997-1999
7Ar. Atul Gupta, NoidaAr. Rajiv Dwivedi, Agra1999-2001
8Ar. Atul Gupta, NoidaAr. Rajiv Dwivedi, Agra2001-2003
9Ar. Atul Gupta, NoidaAr. Rajiv Dwivedi, Agra2003-2005
10Ar. Rajiv Kumar Dwivedi, AgraAr. D P Singh, Greater Noida2005-2007
11Ar. Rajiv Kumar Dwivedi, AgraAr. Anil Gupta, Allahabad2007-2010
12Ar. Jagesh Kumar, MeerutAr. Devendra Mohan, Meerut2010-2013
13Ar. Rajiv Kumar Dwivedi, AgraAr. Anil Gupta, Allahabad2013-2015
14Ar. Rajiv Kumar Dwivedi, AgraAr. Anil Gupta, Allahabad2015 -2017
15Ar. Vineet Garg, GhaziabadDinesh Kumar, Ghaziabad2017 -2019