Sr. No.DescriptionLink
1.Building Bye-Laws Amended 2016Download
2.FAR in BBLDownload
3.Bye Laws 2008Download
4.Annexure- Formats prescribed under Building Bye LawsDownload

Sr. No.DescriptionLink
1.Building Construction & DevelopmentDownload
2.New Housing PolicyDownload
3.Building Byelaws May 2005Download
4.Government Orders related to Housing and Urban PlanningDownload
5.Government Orders related to Housing and Land acquisitionDownload
6.Modification in Housing Policy released on 10.06.2005Download
7. Government Orders related to Cinema Halls & Commercial ComplexDownload
8.Civil Mise Writ Petition No. 47222 of 2002Download
9.Installation of telephone exchanges (M.C.N) by Reliance infocom Ltd.Download
10.Amendment in prescribed norms and standards for the construction of Multiplexes.Download
11.Amendment in G.O. dated 25.01.2003 for prescribing height limits, Number of floor, set backs, coverage, F.A.R. and number of units in Plotted development.Download
12.Enforcement of Provisions of “THE ARCHITECTS ACT 1972” for the Licensing of technical persons in housing and development board, development authorities and Prescribed authorities.Download
13.Formation of Development authority Level “Avas Bandhu” to deal the problems of housing sector and attract Private sector investments.Download
14.Implementation plan of rain water Harvesting Policy.Download
15.Monitoring of rainwater harvesting project with revised format.Download
16.Responsibilities for preparation of master Plan of cities with Development authorities.Download
17.Effective and time bound action against encroachments & unauthorized constructions in Urban areas.Download
18.Clarification on max. height, number of floors, setback, Ground Coverage, F.A.R. and number of stories in plotted development.Download
19.Land acquisition and development policy for residential Projects in urban areas through private sector.Download
20.Fee/ Charges levied by Development Authorities during sanctionDownload
21.Amendment in Building Byelaws 2000 of Development Authorities pertaining to basement, stilt floor, setbacks and construction/ development in old existing ares.Download
22.Sanctioning of cinema halls under U.P. R.B.O. Act 1958 and U.P. Urban Planning & Dev. Act 1973Download
23.Replacement policy for old cinema hall premises to new multiplexes with commercial complexDownload
24.Amendment in building Bye – laws – 2000 for Development Authorities.Download
25.Laying down of procedures to be adopted in implementation of land acquisition / Land assembly and development policy for residential projects through private sectorDownload
26.Policy for encouragement of private sector for development of Hi Tech Township in UPDownload
27. Liberalization of sanction process for industrial plots within or out side industrila areas.Download
28.Compulsion of provision of convenient shops & infrastructure facilities prior to plot allotment in Development Authorities and housing board schemes (6th Oct, 2006).Download
29.Amendments in building Bye – Laws of development Authorities – 2000 (1st March, 2006).Download
30.Amendments in building Bye – Laws of development Authorities- 2000 (25th Sept. 2001).Download
31. Regulations regarding parking in setbacks of multistoried buildings. (05th Nov. 2001)Download
32. Amendments in building Bye- Laws Development Authorities – 2000. (08th June, 2001)Download
33.Modifications in the provisions of fire existing wishing and Fire – Safety precautions in building Bye – laws – 2000. (30th May, 2003)Download
34.The Uttar Pradesh fire prevention and fire safety Act, 2005. (18th March, 2005)Download
35.U.P. Regulations for fire safety regulations 2005. (2nd May, 2005)Download
36. Regulations for group housing and other multistoried building in plotted development areas. (9th July, 2001)Download
37.Regulations for group housing and other multistoried building in land development. (26th Feb, 2002)Download
38.Amendments in building Bye – Laws of development authority – 2000. (15th Sept, 2001)Download
39.Guidelines for the construction of multiplexes for encouraging the multiplexes/ Cinema Halls. (28th Oct, 2005)Download
40. Proposed Building Bye – Laws for Heritage ZoneDownload
41. Policy for establishing nursing homes in residential areas. (18th July, 2001)Download